They're so f *&$%ing tough -- until they get caught

...then they whimper like bunnies.

All those top dogs, pushing out their chests, talking about kicking ass in Iraq, or kicking ass in elections...

and then they get caught and suddenly it's "Oh I was a public servant..."

My thoughts?

If you were privileged enough to work for us -- sucking government milk from our bottomless nipple of taxpayer cash, and you betrayed us -- you get a sentence twice as long as is handed out for the common 7-11 stickup.

Unfortunately, this isn't Turkey where you'd get hanged from a lamppost, or Saudi Arabia where we'd get to cut your hands off.

You just go to a gentleman's jail where you can read books, play golf and find Jesus.

So -- for all of you to follow -- shut the fuck up and stop whining. You did the crime, now at least show a little class.

Another incident where the vile corrupt regime of Richard Nixon showed more class and had more honor than this band of brothers.

Abramoff Associate Argues for No Jail

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By MATT APUZZO Associated Press Writer

October 24,2006 | WASHINGTON -- A congressman and a former House aide have written letters in support of former Bush administration official David Safavian, who is trying to avoid jail time in the Jack Abramoff investigation.

Safavian, former chief of staff of the General Services Administration, was convicted in June of lying to investigators about his dealings with Abramoff.

Prosecutors are seeking a three-year prison sentence in Safavian's case, which was the first guilty verdict by a jury in the corruption probe surrounding Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist who pleaded guilty in January in a conspiracy to corrupt public officials.


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