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The sometimes sharp and often idealistically fatuous Mike Whitney, whom I generally enjoy, beating a long-dead horse by asking the musical question "What right does Bush have to kill Saddam?" as if it had anything to do with the reality he loves to bitch-slap.

Hanging Saddam

By Mike Whitney

The execution of Saddam Hussein is another grim chapter in the catalogue of war crimes perpetrated against the Iraqi people. It is a gratuitous act of barbarism devoid of justice.

What right does Bush have to kill Saddam? What right does the author of Abu Ghraib, Falluja, Haditha and countless other atrocities have to pass judgment…


What RIGHT does Bush have to do any of this stuff?

Let's grow up.

None, of course.

Not the threats, not the invasion, not the pompous redneck shit-kicking pretense of having ANY moral authority above and beyond what his daddy and his daddy's friends bought him with the money they had that the Grampa's (on both sides -- Prescott Bush, Herbert Walker) made financing the Nazi's all the way into the War and for 10 months thereafter.

Why did the capture and hanging have to take place?

Well, why did Bush #41 set up Saddam Hussein, having April Glaspie tell him we wouldn't interfere if he went after Kuwait for using the slant-drilling equipment to steal Iraq's oil -- the same equipment sold to them by Santa Fe Oil Company – check out THEIR ownership for a profile of Bush 41’s Henchpersons?

Why did Bush 41 convince the moronic Saudis that Saddam Hussein was planning an invasion?

First of all to get ourselves a military base in the Middle East.

But most of all, to end the story of the 5 Billion Dollars in kickbacks George Herbert Walker Bush (Prez # 41) got from Saddam Hussein and Colonel Noriega when he was VP (remember that $5 Billion that somehow disappeared from Banco Lavoro -- BCCI, the bank that passed along payoffs to leaders in the west? (BCCI = Bank of Crooks and Criminals) The missing $5 billion that was blamed on a 28-year old clerk?

Remember how Colonel Noriega threatened to show documents indicting Prez Bush the First? And how, according to several people, the federal marshals had a little talk with him the night before the trial telling him they were concerned that many powerful people hang themselves in their cells the night before a trial, to avoid the humiliation -- get the message, Pal?

And how those documents never surfaced and Noriega stayed alive?

And how Osama Ben Ladn started planning to take out the World Trade Center in the early 90's when he found out the USA had profaned the sacred soil of Araby (Mecca, Medina) with a military base. (That was when he returned home to ask for $$$ to let him go north and kill Saddam Hussein, whom he considered a disgrace to Islam. Kill Saddam Hussein. Great -- and diseased -- minds all think alike).

Read American Dynasty by Kevin Phillips, (and his later work, continuing the same thought-line of attempts to take over America, American Theocracy) if you want to know how the crime family of the Walkers and the Bushes have systematically tried to destroy the constitution of the USA and do what they were hoping Hitler could do.

On the other hand, we should be happy about it because the whole dynasty is circling the toilet bowl (clockwise north of the equator, and the same way south of the line, although people believe it goes counter-clockwise south of the equator -- neither of which are the result of the Coriolis Effect)

Because the hubris?

The key to their downfall?

Letting the vicious idiot bastard schmuck child George Wanker Bush get to be president and bring the whole thing crashing down through stupidity, cupidity, passive aggression, homoerotic bonding, and surrounding himself -- letting himself be run by abunch of too-clever-by-half former Trotskyites who call themselves neo-cons (and of course the TRADITIONAL CONS -- the good old fashioned greedy plunderers like Dick Cheney and his lot of vermin).

Just remember kids -- when a gigantic thoroughly corrupt structure (like a dynasty a dinosaur a church a political organization) dies -- all sorts of vermin and parasites crawl off, looking for a new home, for warm blood.

These will be the people NOW denouncing the pack of thugs they previously ran with (From Hillary to McCain.)

They killed Saddam Hussein for the same reason any thief-murderer kills his victims -- to leave no witnesses.

Always forgetting, as their mentor Richard Nixon did, that everyone was watching all along.

Just make sure you have a good endless supply of Raid and Garlic (tell me, you really think a CROSS will stop a vampire? Just who do you think the blood drinkers are?) -- because the heat-seekers are on the move already.

"We are here and it is now.

Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine."

H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)


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