I'm Back -- I spent the month of December having those #$%&# at EARTHLINK lie to me about the cause of my loss of internet/email access and then about the new modem they were sending OVERNIGHT EXPRESS (first told that on the14th of December) and then again when they admitted they hadn't even sent it yet (December 19th) and still haven't received even after I called COMCAST (December 19th) and they set me up one day later (now using Comcast -- email and other addresses still in effect but to change presently).

EARTHLINK USED to give good service and tech support -- now they have what seems to be a bunch of well-meaning high school students in Bangalore reading from a manual for the first time. In other words, tech support is clueless and useless and damn near impossible to get on the phone. (Hmm, is that like "The food is terrible and the portions are too small?")

But, in the worlds of Eleanor Roosevelt, "Nonetheless..."


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