I find it amazing -- and despicable -- that James Baker -- one of the major players of the Carlyle Group, the people who stand (or stood) to make more money from Iraqi oil and the Caspian Sea pipeline than even Halliburton -- should be the ramrod of Bush's daddy's group telling junior what to do with the mess he made.

Is there any question that the solution they offer will be whatever makes the most money for Poppy Bush (41) and his pals?

But since they'll cash out, anyway, let's address the issue that Monkey Boy (43) acting as a sock puppet for the powers that whisper in his ear, destroyed a country -- one being run by an admittedly-harsh authoritarian monster -- and turned it into a hell of total homicidal anarchy.

He can't fix it -- no one can fix it -- but at least -- as Daddy and his pals sell off the pieces -- let the monsters in OUR country's government admit what they've done.

The question that someone raised at Thanksgiving Dinner was this:

Since Iraq is pumping only a small amount of oil less than they did prior to the invasion -- and the Iraqi government isn't getting the money ---

Who is getting the money from the Iraqi oil?


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