Bush going to Virginia Tech today -- some scoundrels say it's for his own political benefit

He's going to Virginia Tech today?

As if those people haven't suffered enough yesterday.

But then it's been a long time since he primped and smirked over the mass grave at Ground Zero. Need to remind people how insensitive he is -- his version of being tough.

The mental image of the Tough Talk Monkey primping and posturing and pretending emotion in front of a totally traumatized student body is only a little more tastelessly repugnant than if he'd submitted a DNA sample in the competition for Anna Nicole Smith's baby's paternity.

The reality of "flop sweat" is that you realize your act is a complete failure and you can't get off the stage and you keep trying harder and harder and harder to make them laugh, pulling out more and more extreme material, but it only gets worse.

At least the deranged Cho Seung-hui had the decency to blow himself away after destroying so many lives.

(Of course he's just using the shocked and staggering student body as a diversion from press attention to 5 million "missing" emails. More than 18-1/2 minutes worth of e-mails. What'll he do next to TRY to keep the unblinking eye away from his administration's felonies? Invade Iran? )


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