Come on Don (Imus) be a standup guy.

You've got a 30+ year rep for saying it straight out and solid.

So when you weasel around the issues around your comments and weasel around something like an apology, it's enough for people who admired your standup-ness (if not your point of view) to say, "Ahhh, fuck him."

Face it man -- your career is over.

No one wants to hear what you have to say anymore.

At least fade away gracefully.

You had a good ride but no one owes you jack shit.

When you make your living hurting people, you might find a lot of people taking their turn at throwing shit ... on YOU .. and a general lack of enthusiastic defenders when you get taken down for something you obviously think is chicken shit, even if you're willing to mouth some phony apology.

Next stop (if you have ANY class at all) is "What ever happened to...?"


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