Much as I like Bill Maher, he's dead wrong about Don Imus

.. and he should know it, having taken the money of the DARK DISNEY -- their gold their rules -- so whining on the show about how ok, you apologized now people should let it go so you can go back to work is pure "I owe you so I'll kiss your ass in public" payoff.

Of course Imus should be fired, dragging his tired-ass old act around for more than 30 years -- lots of people -- people who toed the line and didn't take cheap shots at everyone (except Senators and Publishers) have lost their jobs on the whim of the gold-masters, so why not him?

Like Dennis Miller fading into oblivion for terminal mean-spiritedness (and I do like to think his merciless mocking of people who said there were NO WMDs in Iraq helped), let IMUS fade out on his ranch, "sharing a bed with more non-related black children than you've ever met"*

He's made a shitload of money kissing up and kicking down (or licking up and kicking down, as it were) so why would it be cruel to finally kick his nasty ass out of our lives? And don't say "Change the channel." If Janet Jackson's chubby tit is worthy of massive fines, then Imus's bile is worthy of flushing.

The fact that Jesse Jackson's harsh criticism is pure hypocrisy coming from the Hero of Hymietown, doesn't mean he's wrong, just means he's hardly in a position to point a finger.

But with Al Sharpton (Towana Brawley's knight in shining armor) -- there's a difference. He apparently believed her when she said she was battered and abused by white policemen.

People were calling in to Washington Journal on C-SPAN saying it was just like people "calling our President a war criminal." No, it's not. One is just denigrating and slamming someone for who she is (black and female). The other (re: Bush) is criticism for what he's done. Get the difference? If not, count the dead bodies.

And the other talking point -- that so many other people do it, why him, is pure bullshit -- then let's start with him and go on. Drag out all the rest -- Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and Gibson and Rivera and all the other racists and haters on the uptight right side of town -- tar them and feather them and ride them out of town on their own arrogance.

It's simple -- if Arthur Godfrey were alive, Imus could ask him -- at a certain point, you go too far and your career is over. Happens to nicer and better people than him.


* said in contentious objection to someone suggesting racism on his part of Al Sharpton's show... ok, let's slide past Michael Jackson being able to say the same thing and remember that Jeffrey Dahmer DID say the same thing, sort of, protesting that he WASN'T a racist just because most of the youngsters he killed and ate were dark skinned ... "just a coincidence that was who was in the neighborhood."


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