The recently unearthed Gospel of Judas "contradicts everything we know about Christianity," says religious historian Elaine Pagels.

By Steve Paulson

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As almost every child knows, Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus selling his life for 30 pieces of silver. If there's an arch villain in the story of Jesus, it's Judas Iscariot. Or is it? The newly discovered Gospel of Judas suggests that Judas was, in fact, the favorite disciple, the only one Jesus trusted to carry out his final command to hand him over to the Romans.

I always thought that the statement: "One of you will betray me," was instructional rather than accusatory, but then what do I know, just some Jew.

Because the men in dresses in Vatican City have made it clear they obviously think they OWN the copyright on Jesus.

As if they think he would have looked so much better if he'd worn a golden crown, valuable rings, and dazzled the crowds while buttfucking altar boys.

So now that the Nazi Vicar of Christ on Earth doesn't have someone to hate in the story, no Jewish Freddy Kruger to betray the Lord, what will he do? My guess is, as both a former Nazi and head of the Inquisition, he and his Romans are gonna go after the Jews, like they did after Jesus and his followers.

They seem to really get off on the images of his death, while pretty much ignoring the meaning of his life.


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