The Headline:

Bush: Dems Should Drop Partisan Politics

Sure thing, Monkey Boy -- just as soon as you stop ordering the murder of hundreds of thousands of people who never harmed any of us.

Just as soon as you stop wasting the lives of thousands of Americans who were ACTUALLY WILLING to serve in the military.

Is he f&&%king crazy or what?


No short-term memory?

Brain Damage from Drug use?

(He was OBVIOUSLY drunk when he gave his "they'll tell the truth -- just not under oath or with a transcript or in public.")

Pointing a finger at the Democrats whose first exercise in backbone in 6 years made him cry.

Calling THEM partisan. But how could they do that -- how DARE they do that to the rich kid who always is supposed to get everything he wants, and never has to work for it or justify it?


Even Stalin wasn't stupid enough to think people would believe something like that.

In the words of the late Howard Gossage --

"The man is trying to work his way up to being a horse's ass -- but he hasn't got what it takes.


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