Hooray for the American "Hide your head under the covers" attitude toward Cho Seung-Hui and his pathetic videos

Oh, they scream and shout how showing these videos and photos are glorifying the dead gunman and should't have been shown and NBC is a Bad Boy and should be sent to bed without super.

Well, I guess it's normal to want SOMEONE to blame, but I don't agree -- I think it was obvious everyone -- CNN, Fox, NBC, et al were presenting this man as a Masked Marauder, a terror, a Dirty Harry, someone whose motivation and life and itinerary and daily actions were worthy of repeated endless interminable scrutiny. Christ, they were doing everyhting but showing videos of his colonoscopy.

But the videos show us a pathetic bedbug who hated everyone who was having a good time -- a man who couldn't stand the fact that many students were actually enjoying themselves. He calls it "dissolution" (ref's to cars and cognac, etc), but what he really hated was people who were somewhat affluent and happy.

My friend, Dick, says -- summing it up and perhaps oversimplifying the situation, but not incorrectly -- that the poor bastard wasn't able to get laid when everyone else was.

Sorry about what might have happened to him earlier in life, but the videos and photos and rants show us a typical pathetic piece of human detritus who thought his attacks on others might make him more of a man. Whether it's Charlie Whitman or Timothy McVeigh, it's usually the same. A loser who is circling the toilet bowl of life (ref John McCain and his flop-sweat motivated "Bomb Iran" joke) and can't stand the idea of being a miniscule little nothing, a nobody that doesn't count, so strikes out desperately as a way of living his own life.

Cho Seung-Hui's videos make him look like what he may well have been, what he probably was -- a poor stupid schmuck who was striking poses, who thought he was doing Dirty Harry but was a psychotic version of Woody Allen, just not funny.

It was a public service for NBC to broadcast those images and words. Much more than the public DIS-service all the networks were doing with their morbid fascination of this second-rate Manson wannabe.**


Of course, now the news people are ecstatically masturbating on camera with the tapes and images, slicing them in myriad different ways and rubbing themselves on them to justify and "prove" whatever their particular points of view might be.


** Another friend, writer and editor Keith Zimmerman disagrees and makes one curcial edit to my writing -- correcting that comment to: "second-rate MARILYN Manson wannabe." Having a good editor is worth a lot. Thanks, Keith, that comes closer to the fact.



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