Regarding Gonzales' testimony

He prepared for THREE weeks for THAT?

I watched most of Not-So-Speedy* Gonzales' testimony (Testibaloney, more like it) yesterday and all I can say is I've heard smoother, better, more credible explanations for how bad stuff got done from 9 year old kids on the spot telling "Well, what happened was..." stories involving space ships and submarines.
He's supposed to be a lawyer and he can't do EITHER of two things required for that profession:

1. Have a good memory and

2. Lie convincingly

Like most everything in this administration, the criteria for choice begins with "Must be Second-Rate."

Interestingly, for all the lockstep in the call-in shows where Bush-wahs are complaining about this being no more than Borking (I remember watching THAT one and realizing that not only did Judge Bork have the worst beard known to Western Civlization, but he man was crazy and had no concept of the Bill of Rights) and Liberals taking shots (poor use of metaphor for them to use this week) at Bush and his people
, Bush's reluctant surrenders to overwhelming pressure, (for example -- replacing Redrum with Gates or finally giving General Petraeus a chance after trashing his input all this time), have improved the quality of the people in his administration considerably instead of re-staffing it with a mass of babysitters as usually happens at this point in a president's term.

Will be interesting to see who replaces Unspeedy.


* Just a play on names, not an ethnic slap about people of Mexican descent. He's unswift enough to make it obvious he's being a long-time pal of Monkey Boy.

Because, in regard to the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans I know and have known, descent is the right word.


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