Blair -- he sure talks purty, but when you get down to it -- just as brain-damaged as Bush

This from The Sunday Times Online via Glen Greeenwald's blog on

"I was stopped by someone the other week who said it was not surprising there was so much terrorism in the world when we invaded their countries (meaning Afghanistan and Iraq). No wonder Muslims felt angry.

When he had finished, I said to him: tell me exactly what they feel angry about... We remove two utterly brutal and dictatorial regimes; we replace them with a United Nations-supervised democratic process and the Muslims in both countries get the chance to vote, which incidentally they take in very large numbers. And the only reason it is difficult still is because other Muslims are using terrorism to try to destroy the fledgling democracy and, in doing so, are killing fellow Muslims."

-- You see, the OTHER Muslims (who happen to ALSO live there), are BAD BAD Muslims, i.e., (although he sidesteps the question) in effect, any Muslim who is angry at wonderfu lwonderful us must by definition be BAD BAD Muslims. But he goes on...

"What’s more, British troops are risking their lives trying to prevent the killing. Why should anyone feel angry about us? Why aren’t they angry about the people doing the killing? ...

This extremism can be defeated. But it will be defeated only by recognising that we have not created it; it cannot be negotiated with; pandering to its sense of grievance will only encourage it; and only by confronting it, the methods and the ideas, will we win."

Overlooking the fact that we DID create it, financing Osama ben Ladn after taunting the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan, installing Saddam Hussein after the iraqis had a real grassroots revolution by taking out (with extreme prejudice, as the saying goes) the man they wanted and replacing him with OUR CHOICE, Saddam Hussein.

But whither the little leather boy Baby Bush goeth, so did Tony, his faithful poodle. (But it was only fair reciprocity -- another US president, Ronald Reagan, spent his administration licking the boots of Margaret Thatcher.)

It was an English movie, Performance, in which Mick Jagger sang the lines relevant to EITHER and/or BOTH Bush and Blair. The song was "Memo From Turner" and in it, Jagger sang

"I remember you from Hemlock Road back in 1956,
you were a faggy little leather boy
with a smaller piece of sticks.
You're a lashing smashing hunk of man,
your sweat shines sweet and strong,
your organs are working perfectly,
but there's a part that's not screwed on."

You can hear the lines preceding these one


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