I have specifically refrained from likening Ahnold to those Third Reich folk BECAUSE he's Austrian, but really ...

Money for prisons taken away from the sick, the old, and the poor?

Let 'em die -- less cost for the state.

Money for prisons taken away from schools? (Why? Is he trying to guarantee full occupancy of those prisons?)

"We're not German," they always said so proudly, assuming we really knew nothing of history, "We're AUSTRIAN."

To which I could only reply, "Oh yeah, you're the people who VOTED to bring Hitler IN."

I was happy restricting myself to looking at his thuggishness as the product of being the son of a man who was a policeman during the nazi regime. But that's unfair to policemen.

With the whole population focusing on the need for health care, he embraces straight Nazi social policy -- kill the schools and build camps for the old, the sick, the poor, and the politically undesirable (meaning the ones who don't like you) where they can die off.

And we all thought he was getting better.

But he's just a strongarm thug who likes to bully people.

Nietzsche said "Beware of people with a strong desire to punish."

I guess the construction and prison guard industry are putting a whole lot of money into his 2008 run for the senate against Barbara Boxer.

And getting paid off in advance.

THERE'S integrity -- he can't be sure he can win against Senator Boxer, so he's paying off his backers with state money by selling the future of millions of California kids while he's got the signature to do it.

They all talk big when they come in, but they all end up bending over for the people with lots of loot who can play on their (and our) fears.

Just another sock puppet who talks tough.

As so many of us thought when he first came up.

Clever fellow -- his movies dying at the box office, so he gets to play The Terminator in Sacramento.


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