Democrats will deal with their race and sex issues ---

And Hillary and Obama will be loved and admired and... people will deal with the underlying issues of Woman? Non-White? etc

And ok,I'm cynical, but regardless of inclination. Americans will externalize their OWN doubts about race and sex, and "play it safe" saying well, I would vote for them but those other people won't because THEY'RE racists sexist so the result will be a white southerner -- John Edwards, who will win the election and who will be one of the best presidents we've ever had.

There's a reason that he's being chipped away at, slandered and trashed --he is NOT A FRIEND of large corporations, and now that we live in a political situation of National Socialism (i.e., merger between govt and corporations with the corporations setting the agenda -- aka Fascism) the big tough corporate bullies are scared that they won't get their special treatment any more, that they'll have to bow to the "special interests" (meaning women, gay people, people of color, people of non-mainstream religions, labor, teachers, in fact "Special Interests" are STILL everyone but white corporate execs -- in other words the American Public -- all of us -- are special interests so far as they're concerned) and the Big Boys are terrified that the American public might get to have a say in how our country plays out.

First up -- baby boomers passing 60 years old -- universal health care and social security will catch up with something almost as good as that offered in France.

Automobiles -- European MPG standards will need to be met.

In other words, the corporate guys will FINALLY have to play on a socially-conscious level playing field.

So, out of the bias will come some good.


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