Let me get this straight...

Iraqi Prez Maliki is supporting the Shi'ia militias, and George Bush is enabling him by repeatedly changing the deadlines for Maliki to STOP doing that.

The big fear, supposedly, is that if we leave, the Shi'ia will wipe out the Sunni and the Iranians (who, though Shi'ia, despise the Arabs) will become influential, sort of the way US and Canada and Mexico all have influence to varying degrees with each other.

But the Bush family Buddies, i.e., Saudi moneypots, are financing the Sunni insurgents, who are what the Shi'ia Militia are fighting.

So the Bush family, in essence is enabling BOTH the Sunni insurgents and the Shi'ia militas.


Just a thought, though our president -- even Monkey Boy and his flying purple monkey buddies -- couldn't possilby be so cold and cruel, could they? -- the thought that after Poppy lost his re-election bid, which Monkey Boy was managing, Monkey Boy blamed the loss on Poppy having let the war end too soon.* And so his strategy here -- and Karl Roverer's -- was to keep the war going as long as possible, until a Democrat gets in and then blame the inevitable crash on that person. SO what if a few thousand Americans and a few HUNDRED thousand Iraqi's get killed and even more get maimed. You go to war with the imaginary fears you've got, not the ones you want.

*But then MB is ALWAYS blaming someone else for his fuckups... so it's difficult to tell if that was really the case or just one more "The Democrats' dog ate my homework."



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