Who is that man in the White House? Ahhh-haaah!

April 29,2007 | WASHINGTON -- President Bush will not support a war spending bill that punishes the Iraqi government for failing to meet benchmarks for progress, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

Rice's comments cast fresh doubt on a potential compromise between the Democratic-led Congress and the White House in getting money to U.S. troops.


I get it now -- We always knew he was something out of MAD magazine, perhaps Alfred E Neuman, the "What Me Worry?" kid, but no, now we can see more clearly.

He's that Michael McDonald MADtv sketch character-- STUART* -- the seriously disturbed (and mother-fucked-over) kid who is so hair-trigger when his mommy tries to "help" him with something...

Stuart is known for his catchphrases, specifically ... "Let ME do it!" when an adult attempts to assist him with something. He often follows this up with "Dooooon't" when said adult tries again.


*Stuart Larkin, arguably the most recognized character from MADtv, is a hyperactive and possibly autistic little boy played by Michael McDonald.

He is almost always accompanied by his supposedly borderline alcoholic mother, Doreen (Mo Collins), who scolds him for his various acts of childhood mischief.

His face is pale, and he often stares vacantly at nothing, possibly because of constantly-hinted-at childhood traumas, such as his dad leaving them. He hates going to his dad's house. Once, he said to his mother, "Mommy, Daddy called," and his mother, quavering, replies, "What did he say?" and Stuart replies, "He said he's glad to be out of this hellhole..."

When pushed too far, his boyish falsetto is replaced by a deep demonic voice. On that same note, in some skits we see Stuart enter his "dark place" a play off of the popular children's "happy place"; this is used to show Stuart's dark inner toils.


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