Poor New Hampshire -- if it's not one thing, it's another

Three Mild Earthquakes Shake NH Coast

June 04,2007 | EXETER, N.H. -- New Hampshire had three small earthquakes Saturday night and Sunday morning... The U.S. Geological Survey listed two of the quakes as magnitudes 1.4 and 1.9. A magnitude for the third quake was not available.


The earth shakes, and as soon as it calms down, here come 8 Democrats to argue about the way they'll get involved in helping us to live our lives using snippy little camouflaged digs at each other at St. Anselm's on Sunday night.

And as the fetid air is barely clearing ... barely a day and a half respite and now 10 Republicans show up to continue the bickering, telling us how to live our lives from another, more Darwinian point of view.

Such a beautiful state.

Such a lot of soul-destroying life-threatening crap to have happen all in one weekend.

From my perspective here astride the Hayward Fault in Oakland, California, the earthquakes were probably the most enjoyable part of the weekend.


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