I have been asked why I'm disappointed and disgusted by the Democratic cave-in on Iraqi Madness financing.. they tell me "they didn't have the votes"

Yeah, I know, nor did they have the courage, the integrity, but most of all none of them seemed to have the intelligence to pass a bill they they believed was what's right and make certain (use the Republican game of party-line 'Talking Points') and say it over and over and over until the whole world knows their point of view, i.e.,

"If the PRESIDENT wants to deny money for the troops by vetoing this bill then that's HIS decision. He's just playing 'It's my ball and if you don't let me make up the rules as we go along, I'm taking my ball and going home.'"

Is there anyone in congress who will please point out to that pezzonovante little prick in the White House the he DOESN'T OWN AMERICA, whatever his mommy and daddy told him?

Doesn't matter how much money his family made from financing Hitler.
Doesn't matter how many Billions in kickbacks his daddy got from Saddam Hussein and Colonel Noriega when he was Reaga's poodle.
Doesn't matter how vicious and vindictive and petty and creepy this entire family is, scaring the crap out of anyone who dares challenge their divine right.
That's just THEIR fantasy.


They may never ever admit it or understand it,
but we don't have to pretend they're not totally insane.


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