About Governor Schmuckenegger

What a wonderful snap comment he made, that the Spanish-speaking native Americans should "just turn off Spanish language TV."

The only thing it really did is clearly identify the bigots and the mindless (like so many mainstream journalists who say "Yeah, after all, he KNOWS, he had to learn English himself..."

Actually he was born in Austria in 1947 and while he tells us he remembers seeing Russian tanks in the streets when he was a kid (wow, talk about great eyesight, they were already away across the Czech border before he was born) the fact is, English was used in daily practice, was taught in the schools, and there's really no comparison.

But it's -- as usual -- good enough for him to pass on something.
He's bright -- or his advisors are -- because he keeps coming up with answers that sound as if he's actually going to do something that isn't for one of his special interest contributors, so everyone says "Oh great -- he's really coming around," and of course no one follows up to find out what he actually does about his pornouncements (that word was originally a typo, but when I think about how he's fucking the people of California, well, I let it stay) on the environment, global warming, immigration, etc.

But that slap in the face of everyone who DOESN'T come from a country occupied by American and English troops is especially cute.


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