Hmm, what's that liturgy the adminstration always chants when asked about unauthorized wiretaps, spying on americans without due cause, etc:

...because they need to hear it from the other side, paraphrased to be accurate and relevant...

Administration Has Deadline on Subpoenas

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By LAURIE KELLMAN Associated Press Writer

... The White House -- echoing the senior Republican on the Senate panel -- urged the chairmen to accept the administration's earlier offer to allow private, off-the-record interviews with current and former aides to President Bush.

"If the committees just want the facts, then they should withdraw the subpoenas and accept the president's offer, instead of this continued pattern of gross overreach and confrontation," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto.

Oh, yeah --

"If you have nothing to hide -- if you're not guilty of something -- why are you afraid to testify under oath?"

Makes us really think you're lying, you know? And yeah, we know you don't care what we think.

But really, our president, the punk in the high-heeled boots, needs to learn he doesn't actually own this country. It'll do him some good to find that out. (Although I'm certain it will be quite a shock to him when his "turd blossom," Karl Rove visits Germany and invokes his dual citizenship to avoid extradition.

Ahh, the lesson of Richard Nixon -- "Yesterday I was President -- today, I can't get anyone to take my phone calls."


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