You know I do NOT think calling Bush "Hitler" is right...

... with the one exception I made, partially joking, that, like Hitler, he'll leave the American economy in about the same shape as Hitler left his... it was (I hope I hope) a joke.

The tendency to call someone Hitler is too easy, always suggests racist murdering insane monsterhood... hmmm -- let's leave that one alone.

So, for example, saying Anne Coulter is like Hitler would only be referring to her hate-filled vicious rhetoric designed to stir up the most vile of emotions, and would be a poor way of expressing that.

Better, as far as Anne Coulter is concerned, the subtle way John Edwards responded when asked, and, without naming them, compared her behavior to that of the Klan he saw when he was growing up in that former slave-trading center, spouting vicious hurtful outrageous lies designed to stir people up and thereby keep themselves afloat..

There is ONE real way in which Bush's legacy will be similar to that of Adolf Hitler: like the post-WWII Germans, we Americans will be a long time embarrassed and needing to be apologetic to the world for the crimes perpetrated in our name.

And maybe Bush will choose to kill himself in his bunker in Crawford so he doesn't have to have his ass dragged to the Hague to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity along with Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby (right after he gets out of the gated community in Leavenworth),
Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and a slew of others. (I doubt it -- he doesn't have the integrity or sense of purpose Hitler had

Unfortunately, they don't do the Death Penalty anymore at the World Court, but perhaps the cost of keeping them in prison would be allayed by setting up cages where visitors could come and pay a modest fee to poke sticks and throw feces at them.

I know I would.


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