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July 5, 2007

White House Reacts to Clintons' Comments

Filed at 12:52 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House on Thursday made fun of former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, for criticizing President Bush's decision to erase the prison sentence of former aide I. Lewis ''Scooter'' Libby.

''I don't know what Arkansan is for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it,'' presidential spokesman Tony Snow said.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has scheduled hearings on Bush's commutation of Libby's 2 1/2-year sentence.

''Well, fine, knock himself out,'' Snow said of Conyers. ''I mean, perfectly happy. And while he's at it, why doesn't he look at January 20th, 2001?''

In the closing hours of his presidency, Clinton pardoned 140 people, including fugitive financier Marc Rich.


Funny how that formerly semi-honorable man has such a selective memory -- just in case, as the inestimable Greebs at Reign of Error pointed out in a comment for my posting below, the monstrous vile international Jew-bastard commie tax-evading rat, Marc Rich was represented by and equally vile lying sonofabitch lawyer ... hmm, SCOOTER LIBBY.

"Just doing my job," says Mr.Snow.


And on what level of ethical propriety is it -- especially as someone who considers himself a journalist -- to take -- and hold on to -- a job which consists mostly of lying and dissembling and pretending you didn't say what you said.

Like everyone else who touches that slime-based multi-headed creature called the Bush Administration, you don't raise them up (that's just ego-madness to think you could) -- honor and integrity disappear and you wind up the same kind of foul-smelling sludge they are.

Letting the cancer taker you might have been a better way to go. But as it is, you can paraphprase Cardinal Woolsey's dying words* after he perverted every conceivable principle he believed in to serve Henry VIII.

Am I being too harsh? Well, let me put it this way -- from imminent Taliban/ Al Quaeda takeover in Pakistan (which has REAL WMDs -- nuclear ones) because of obsession with Iraq to melting permafrost -- these are OUR lives you're fucking with every time you open up your lying mouth.

So am I being too harsh when you help condemn our lives and future generations because you were so seduced by the idea of power and position?

What you're doing is no more Public Service than pissing on the sidewalk is Fire Prevention.


*"Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my King, He would not in mine age Have left me naked to mine enemies."


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