Scooter Libby ... what? Is that a surprise?

Bush pays off the pals who lie for him.

Bush pays off the pals who tell him what to do.

Bush pays off his Masters, the ones with their greasy hands up his sock puppet ass, making him say the insane shit he says.

(Or so he did until he started drinking again and seemingly believing he got to the oval office on his own merits.)

What would you do?

When 4 out of 5 people in the country recognize you for the lying murderous piece of shit you are, wouldn't you go along with the 1 in 5 who --either for their own interest, or because they're just as drunk as MonkeyBoy -- are still saying "Oh they're fucked up. They don't understand what a good boy you are and how history will remember you as the saviour of the West" *

And as usual, he does a half-assed fuckup of it.


*(Ironically, this is actually the same sack of shit Rumsfeld and Cheney sold to Saddam Hussein back during the Nixon administration, convincing him that he was going to be remembered as the NEW Salladin, rescuing Sunni Islam from the clutches of the Black Hat Bad Guy Shi'ia. And Monkey Boy can look forward to being as well rewarded for his participation as Spider Hole Hussein was.)


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