Fred Barnes says that Obama must be weak since he opposed the war in Iraq when the entire world believed Saddam had WMD...

In other words, anyone who has been proven right in having a long view that impending disaster and destruction of America's military and geometrical increase in our country's vulnerability were going to be the inevitable outcomes of this criminal adventure in Iraq, must be NOT good at national defense and security.

The reason why?

"Everyone in the world believed there were WMD's in Iraq."

Everyone except Scott Ritter, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, and anyone else who knew what they were talking about

I have long considered my occasional quick look at The Beltway Boys to be an act of absolute boredom, and that Morton Kondracke and Fred Barnes resemble nothing so much as two 5th grade boys jerking each other off ...

Here's an imaginary (but not exaggerated) scene --

"Well, Fred, you know what? You know what? Hillary's whole agenda is getting even with real Americans. She hates all the men who never dated her in college."

"That's right Mort, and we all remember what her husband thought about decency and morality."

(Both then snigger together at their wit and insight.)

I have nothing against little boys or big ones pulling each others' daisy and laughing about it, but I don't think it actually qualifies as a political philosophy.

But this one, as reported in Media Matters (via Atrios and via's Blog Report really made my skin crawl:

On the October 6 edition of Fox News' The Beltway Boys, co-host and Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes claimed that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is "not in quite as strong a position on the war in Iraq as he really thinks he is." He explained that when Obama delivered his 2002 speech against going to war with Iraq, "it was back in a time when the entire world believed Saddam Hussein in Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that he would probably be willing to use them himself at some time or pass them along to terrorists who would use them. And yet, Barack Obama was against going to the war at that point." According to Barnes: "I don't think that shows that he is very strong on national security, which he needs to be."

So if you were right, you must be wrong, or so says these little pissants who write drivel and once a week crawl around on the Fox News urinal cakes,


Un-fucking- believable.


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