Why can't Clarence "Uncle" Thomas just shut up and confine himself to making bad or "me too" court decisions?

Too fucking bad the "high-tech lynching" wasn't a real one -- that was a line he got from Bush 41's nasties adviser, Roger Ailes ("You know those white liberals won't be able to challenge you if you make it a race thing.")

What kind of lynching finishes with you going back to an $80,000-a-year job-for-life (with continuing raises) if you lose?

I said it then and I said it now --

"It's not a lynching, you dumb fuck paranoid asshole -- IT'S A JOB INTERVIEW!"

And here he is again, the Supreme Court Justice in the Woodpile jumping up to go over the story and slander Anita Hill all over again, this time with lies that have already been proven to be such.

But then, Rupert Murdoch -- who had/has cases coming up before the Supreme Court -- made Tommy an offer he couldn't refuse --- $1.5 million (given to Uncle Tom in 2003) for a book that proves to the entire world what a stone cold nasty asshole this man whose basic qualifications were serving as House Nigger for Ronnie Reagan and the Republicans, and keeping his mouth shut.

I especially love the way he claims he doesn't care what people say about him.


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