I am NOT saying that I think the comments made by Representative Pete Stark are factual (as quoted in the post below), but..

(1) It broke the static barrier and people actually listened to what he said (and then. of course, took this line and that one out of context and etc etc)

(2) The more important point is this -- Dear Republicans:


What are you?

A bunch of babies?

Whining because someone said a nasty about the man you'd love to see disappear and be forgotten (along with your votes supporting his insanity) forever.

And it came from one of the members of congress you called a traitor and an enemy sympathizer, etc.

You sure love to dish it out but when someone slaps you back, oh you're up on the kitchen chair shrieking "EEK-- a MOUSE!"

Certainly Rep. Stark has a right to be angry at the way you ALL have yelled out the magic words: "Families earning $82,000 a year," when you know it's no more than $41,000 a year UNLESS -- on a case-by-case basis -- YOUR PEOPLE APPROVE THE HIGHER INCOME.

You're all so fucking tough until someone turns around and gives you a little back.

And it seems so familiar -- I seem to remember a 21-year-old girl who, being manipulated by a woman who was, in fact, one of the wealthiest women in the world, told the woman she wouldn't go along with the mean-spirited thing she wanted done, causing that incredibly wealthy woman to literally shit in her pants. The idea that someone would not only turn her down but even comment negatively on why was beyond her comprehension.

That's you -- someone said "NO" to you, said "What you're doing is wrong," and you're all shitting in your pants.

So, as I said, with all due respect:



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