Paulson: Recalls Causing Fear in U.S. Another sell-out heard from.

Oct 23rd, 2007 | WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Tuesday that the recalls of tainted Chinese products were causing fear among U.S. consumers.

He said both countries needed to work together to address safety issues that have been raised about a host of Chinese products from tainted toothpaste to toys containing lead paint.

"Recent and repeated reports of tainted food and product imports are causing fear and uncertainty in American consumers and harming the 'Made in China' brand here in the United States," Paulson said in a speech to a conference on U.S.-China relations.


So if the products are killing people and animals, and people are consequently afraid and dubious about buying anything else from that manufacturer, the answer is to go Happy Face?

I wouldn't call a sold-out asshole like Paulson a whore, because, in the words of a real whore:

"We're not selling anything that doesn't belong to us. And no politician or businessman can say the same thing."


So Paulson says, in essence "The Chinese might be selling your children's brain functions or death in brightly painted packages, but we're going to help them do it, so smile, darn you, smile -- and buy anyway -- it's good for those of us on top."

Or as someone, probably much wiser than I, once said:

"Who profits from the crime commits the crime."
Seneca the Younger 4 B.C. - 65 A.D.


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