Here's a list of prominent Deists

Willard "Mitt" Romney thinks Secularists (which include Deists) are WRONG!!!

Here's a list of some of them, including a few who created America.

So my question is this:

Are these people who were evil idiots who didn't know what they were doing?

Or is it more likely that Mitt Romney is an opportunistic, principle-changing, power hungry pissant who's just flapping his lips to make the kind of noises he hopes will get him elected (then he can stand on the roof of the White House and shout, "Top of the world, Ma!" just like Jimmy Cagney* in <White Heat)

List of deists

This is a partial list of people who have been categorized as deists, the belief in a God based on natural religion only, or belief in religious truths discovered by people through a process of reasoning, independent of any revelation through scripture or prophets. They have been selected for their influence on Deism, or for their fame in other areas.

* Abraham Lincoln
* Adam Smith
* Alan Watts
* Alexander Pope
* Alfred Lord Tennyson
* Aristotle
* Benjamin Darrow
* Benjamin Franklin
* Cicero
* Constantin-François de Chassebœuf, Comte de Volney
* David Hume
* Democritus
* Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury
* Elihu Palmer
* Epicurus
* Frederick the Great
* Ethan Allen
* George Washington
* Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
* Gouverneur Morris
* Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
* Immanuel Kant
* James Hutton
* James Madison
* Jello Biafra
* John Locke
* John Toland
* Keith R. Wright
* Lysander Spooner
* Marlon Brando
* Matthew Tindal
* Maximilien Robespierre
* Moses Mendelssohn
* Napoleon Bonaparte
* Paul Davies
* Plato
* Rhazes
* Sinéad O'Connor
* Thomas Jefferson
* Thomas Paine
* Victor Hugo
* Voltaire
* William Hogarth


*There's another reason Governor Romney makes me think of Jimmy Cagney: someone once observed that the reason America loved a man who played vicious scum over and over again, was because no one ever believed a role he played or a line he spoke. They could always see the man behind the pose. Same with Romney, only in his case, it's not a charming hoofer behind the mask, but one of the Vril.


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