What happened to the 49ers? It's the YORKS, stupid.

The events following the York family theft of the 49ers from Denise's brother, Eddie D (setting him up for a legal fall) and turning it over to their idiot son to run (even though he knew nothing about the game) turned out to be as unsuccessful as the Bush family stealing the 2000 Presidential election and turning the United States over to their idiot child to run (even though he knew nothing about the game either).

Both of them, in short time, turned what had been a fine and brilliant organization into shit.

What we need? Well, we need Eddie D.

How about declare the team a public utility and seize it as an act of Eminent Domain (with recompense) with the team to be owned by the city itself? Like Green Bay.

The legal justification?

They are using the name of San Francisco (even planning to take the team to another city while still using the San Francisco name), but wherever they are they are harming the reputation and economy of the city.

OR find a way to force them to sell to real football people who care about the game and winning.

Or just shoot them.

Without dumping that family, there's no way any coach or any QB can do anything.

In the short term?

Fire Nolan, put Mike Singletary in as Head Coach and let HIM interview and choose a new GM who will take control of the team. With Singletary in there (AND the YORKS safely pushed out of the picture as far as their opinions are concerned) it might be possible to get some good coaching talent willing to come in and re-create the 49ers.

Or just shoot them.


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