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Congress to Bush: You've Lost Mail
By Dan Froomkin
The Washington Post

Wednesday 27 February 2008

The Bush White House has made a mockery of the Presidential Records Act and its requirement that official White House records - including e-mails - be preserved for posterity.

At a congressional hearing yesterday, it became clear for the first time that top White House officials knowingly adopted a new e-mail system in 2002 that was riddled with technical problems that not only risked data loss but could easily be exploited by those who wished to keep their e-mails from public scrutiny. We've known for a while that a lot of White House e-mails, by some accounts numbering in the millions, are missing and have possibly been erased. Yesterday's discovery raises the question of whether that happened by accident - or by design. And the White House's unhurried approach to addressing the problem is hardly reassuring...



Well, the Bush White House has made a mockery of more than that -- of the Constitution and the rule of law. Clinton hated the press. Bush-Cheney hate the idea that there are other sections of government that can question the spoiled-brat rich kid's "It's MINE!! It's MINE!!

Not much we can do about it now, except I will pass this idea along -- to any entrepreneur who want to make a lots of money quite quickly, you're free to use it or any adaptation (to my knowledge this is the first time it's been published (even though I'm CERTAIN I'm not the first one to think about it.)

But we CAN create a fitting monument to this administration:

Urinals with Bush's face on the bottom, his mouth printed around the drain.

Better yet, both faces, Bush AND Cheney, united forever (some experts say that hundreds - even thousands - of years from now, the only thing archaeologists will find of our civilization will be toilets, which will not decay or collapse).

A fitting memorial to both of them.

Same could be done with sit-down toilets for defecational purposes, and also for equal opportunity to allow vaginal-Americans to join in the urinary fun.

Get up when finished and look back, watch it flush down his throat, remember that shit-eating grin of Monkey Boy and Cheney and recall their administration for what it was.

Works for me.



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