Truly bizarre -- the past-it baldy James Carville -- takes time on Good Friday to denounce Bill Richardson as Judas.

Bill Clinton -- the past-it horndog who used to be president and get undeserving blowjobs late at night -- made it clear that he saw both Hillary and John McCain as patriotic Americans, implying that Senator Obama is not.

And when retired General McPeak, said that this remark or BIll Clinton smacks of McCarthyism, the Clinton Hit Squad (Penn, Wolfson, et al) went ballistic decrying the horror of someone comparing Bill Clinton to the late Senator Joe McCarthy -- despite one of theirs having just compared Senator Obama to Judas. As if Joe McCarthy was worse.

More to the underlying point:

Are they trying to say that Hillary Clinton is, in some way, the same as Jesus?

All that is happening here is that we are losing ANY affection we might have had for Bill Clinton and grudgingly, reluctantly admitting that yes, Hillary Clinton may well be a monster, a bitch, a Madame LaFarge, a Marie Antoinette, a Catherine the not-so-Great, etc -- in other words, a female Joe McCarthy.

What is also amazing is how, after Texas and Ohio, the Clinton campaign loudly proclaimed that Senator Obama wasn't tough enough, wasn't aggressive enough to win election -- and NOW they whine that "oh he just decided to go on the attack and all he's done since then is attack Senator Clinton.

(Oh yeah, and also put his ass on the line to make the greatest healing speech since Abe Lincoln made the Gettysburg Address, and the greatest most perceptive speech on racialism in our society since that same Abe Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation.)

Scum. Walking talking rotting scum.



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