Once again ...

Whatever we may think, there's still only one thing we KNOW about the three major contenders for presidential candidate:


See something in common?

All three campaigned and PROMISED their constituents they would serve the interests of their state for 6 years.

And none of them are actually doing the job they're being paid for.

So what do we know?

Since we know the ONE solid campaign promise each one promised,
we should know from that you can't believe ANY of their campaign promises.

They lie.

They left their states with only half of the advocates that OTHER states have.

So, if YOU did that -- interviewed for a job, got it, and then spent all your time on THAT job going out to interviews for OTHER jobs, using the fact of HAVING the first job as part of your qualifications for the SECOND job...

You get the idea.

Lying sacks of piss poor protoplasm.

(Yeah, of course Chuckles Huckabee is unemployed and is pretty truthful, I think, now we're talking about Andy Griffith as Lonesom Rhodes in The Face in the Crowd.

Or in the words of the late Arlen Riley Wilson, a woman of great wisdom and beauty:

The Scum rises to the top.


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