A belated "Go fuck yourself" to Bill Clinton

Damn -- I liked him when he was prez.

I liked some of what he did (COBRA, Compassionate Leave)

Disliked some of what he did (NAFTA, limiting welfare recipients to 5 years max before throwing them to the feral hogs of the business world.

I never thought there was anything wrong with a hard-working man receiving an offered blow job and I never imagined anyone else would (other than those who, like Anita Bryant, believed that eating sperm WAS eating the apple in the Garden of Eden bestowing the knowledge of Good and Evil on the fellatrice or fellator and thereby re-enacting the Fall).

But Bill, you seem to think that after completing two 4-year terms as President, you somehow become KING OF THE WORLD, wagging your finger at reporters and chastising them if they ask a question you don't like, saying, in essence:

("I know you want to focus on THAT, but YOU have no right to decide what interests you or the public ... I'LL TELL YOU what to be interested in.")

You're not.

You're just an old fart who's PAST IT.

I'm not a big fan of Hillary, but I think she could do fine as president-- the only thing that worries me about putting her into the White House is that you get to go along.

(Gawd -- do I actually find a point on which I agree with the Animatronic Vril, Mitt Romney?)

It's like watching reruns of Face in the Crowd, in which Andy Griffith played "Lonesome Rhodes," a country boy (modeled on Arthur Godfrey) who becomes a superstar and once he attains BIG TIME status, turns into a self-serving vicious contemptuous monster.
Watch the movie, Willy, and understand you should recognize it as if looking in a mirror.

So why not -- PLEASE -- shut the fuck up and let the rest of us get along with our world -- we've seen your act and now would like to see some other people get up there on the "LOOK AT ME! HEY MOM, LOOK AT ME! AIN'T I CUTE?" stage and do theirs.



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