Self-serving nauseating bullshit #347 -- CNN

"This report from -------, part of the BEST POLITICAL NEWS TEAM in AMERICA."

If that comment ("the best") even approached reality, it would STILL be pissant self-serving look-at-me-how-great-I-am annoying.

But that's not even in question since, as long as that Political news Team is anchored by Wolf Blitzer, it doesn't even approach BEING an actual News Team. (And "anchor" is an apt term, as in what ties you down to the bottom of the sea.)

Blitzer is a bad joke as a journalist.

This is a man who asks the questions he's supposed to -- or, being generous, the question HE thinks he's supposed to -- AND NEVER NEVER EVER responds to an answer with a following question that indicates he EVER EVEN LISTENS to the answers to his questions. The questions are obviously there to satisfy some sort of attempt to be relevant. Relevant is one of the many things Mr. Blitzer isn't.

He's as bad as Dan Abrams (VERDICT -- MSNBC) who tells us over and over that he intends to be some catchphrase or other (an honest broker) that would mean he's fair and objective, and then goes on to say he'll call them like he sees them, as if the two were the same thing.

And he gets a lot of good people on his show and asks them questions whose answers he doesn't care about, since he's obviously made up his mind before the show began, and cuts them off before they make THEIR points (points that usually seem to be getting to a much more balanced and intelligent point than that of Mr. Abrams), usually abruptly and rudely when he looks at the ticking clock and wants to get all his "I'm such a smart boy, look at me" points in.

Hey Dan -- I've watched Keith Olbermann and you're no Keith Olbermann.

So here's to two of the lowest lowlife journalist-wannabe's on cable news, the kind of people who were begging to be beat up in that proverbial playground of their Elementary School days -- and who still stimulate thoughts of strangling or tarring-and-feathering in their viewers. Those of us who realize that laughed the loudest when Barack Obama answered Chris Matthews' question about whether or not he ever gets a good laugh from what happened during the day ("Yes") and if he still does? "No. Because I stopped watching cable news.")

(Other than Keith Olbermann, who do I think does the job?)

Contessa Brewer does the job, also on MSNBC, in the mornings.

I was channel-surfing one day and saw this typically attractive cable news anchor interviewing Ann Coulter. The questions were sharp and many were specifically in response to Mr. Coulter's answers. And right near the end, Coulter made some characteristically venomous and insane remark...

... and I turned to my wife and said "Yeah, but the one question they never ask is 'why the fuck should we care what you say or waste any of our time listening to you."

At which moment Ms Brewer proceeded to ask the polite version of that same question, to whit: why do her opinions have value? And Mr. Coulter was nonplussed.

And with that, Ms Brewer's on-screen persona won my heart.



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