18 plus billion in bonuses?

I keep hearing the phrase my father's Wobbly and Trotskyite pals used to say about Wall Street plunderers:

"Hang 'em from the lampposts."

Unfortunately the lampposts are too high to throw a rope over.

The other phrase that comes to mind is a Texican one, the one Ari Fleischer used:

"They'll do you until Hell won't have it and they always forget a .30 caliber bullet only costs a dollar."

I found it shocking that he would actually say that, given the hatred Bush had generated even by that time, shocking that he/they would be floating that image in public.

I don't advocate either -- I present them as examples of what is said when the frustration level ("We can do anything we want to and you can't do squat to us.") gets so high one's head seems ready to explode.

"Hang 'em from the lampposts."

(Come on, admit it -- it's a quaint expression and brings a smile.)


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