Team Sarah complains to FCC

Alaska Dispatch
Jan 20, 2009

Members of, that ever-growing national group of feisty supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin, have complained to the Federal Communications Commission about a joke David Letterman apparently made about Palin.


----Hey guys -- she's a public figure -- the only thing you are doing with your complaints is telling us that you -- who know her better than any of us -- that you think she's an amateur, a lightweight semi-paranoid poseur who can't handle criticism.

You're telling us she's not anyone most of us outside of Alaska would want to see in any position of power that effects anyone outside of Alaska.

You're painting her as a touchy oversensitive self-delusional dimwit -- sort of a female version of George W Bush.

I have no idea who or what she really is, if she's as dumb as a rock or as smart as Schopenhauer, but when you scream about a joke told by a total doofus like Letterman, you're really telling us that YOU don't think she can handle it.


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