You can take the boy out of the Hitler Youth, but you can't take the Hitler Youth out of the boy -- Part II

So Big Bad Benny 16 wants to reinstate holocaust denier clergy...

My father used to refer to holocaust allower Pope Pius XII as "Pope Piss."

Had a lot to do with the fact that he played the political game with the NAZI's, hoping to get the Daily Double -- Eliminate Jews while simultaneously helping establish German Catholics as the ruling force.

For those who don't know, in Germany, Roman Catholics were an are a minority -- the country was mostly Protestant (Lutheran).

For those who also don't know -- the overwhelming number of NAZI high command players and their friends were Roman Catholic (not that they were GOOD Catholics, some of them even publicly dissed Christ, but still...)

Here's a partial list, and it should of itself give a fairly good reason for Pope Piss to have turned a blind eye to the mass murder and human sacrifice for pagan powers going on to the north.

First of all,. the Superstars whose names we all have heard:

Heinrich Himmler

Josef Goebbels

Reinhard Heydrich

Rudolf Hoess (not the same Rudolf Hess who was Hitler's Cellmate)

Julius Streicher

Klaus Barbie

and of course, the big cheese himself: Adolf Hitler

But wait -- there are more --

Heads of state during NAZI occupation:

Leon Degrelle --- Belgium,

Emil Hacha -- Bohemia-Moravia,

Ante Pavelic -- Croatia

Konrad Henlein -- Sudetenland,

Pierre Laval followed by Henry Petain -- Vichy-France.


War Criminals the Vatican protected from Prosecution:

Adolf Eichmann

Alois Brunner (Eichmann's "best man")

Dr. Josef Mengele (Played doctor doing medical experiments without anesthesia on Auschwitz prisoners)

Franz Stangl Commandant of Sobibór and Treblinka

Gustav Wagner (Franz Stangl's assistant)

Klaus Barbie ("The Butcher of Lyon")

Edward Roschmann ("The Butcher of Riga" made famous and identified by name in Frederick Forsyth's novel The ODESSA File

Walter Rauff (Considered responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths)

Andrija Artukovic ("The Himmler of the Balkans")


So -- to us, they're monsters, but to Mr. 16,

they're apparently just the old gang from the neighborhood.


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