FINALLY -- some people are noticing the obvious:

That if we do the following things:

1) Stop insisting that marijuana is an evil criminal plant obviously the creation of the devil -- and

2) Stop spending billions of dollars a year arresting and imprisoning people who grow it and/or use it -- and

3) Stop spending other billions trying to destroy the dope fields of California, the product of which generates billions of dollars of income -- and

4) Allow the sale of USA-grown marijuana to be legal and generating tax revenues...


1) We will be getting a lot closer to balancing our budgets -- and

2) We won't be financing the Mexican drug cartels


In other words, kids -- as they say in the mystery stories cui bono? (who benefits?) --- follow the money and it becomes obvious who's REALLY financing the Mexican Drug Cartels:

1) The DEA

2) The American Weapons Industry

3) The American Prison Industry -- guards, construction, caterers, et al

4) The various policing forces on local, county, state, and federal levels.

And the answer is --- what a surprise!

It's our various governmental crooks once again running an incredibly profitable phony war they really do NOT want to win, because they're getting so rich from it.


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