President Obama and DOMA -- the Defense of Motherfuckers Act

Something I'd like to believe about his allowance of and/or on insistence on pushing DOMA and also the Bush policy of "We can't tell you what we did because then we'd have to admit we got our rocks off by torturing people into telling us what we wanted to hear thereby letting us push away our( well-justified) lack of self-esteem so we could pretend we're such big tough guys ... when we have the upper hand)" and "Don't ask - don't tell."

I would like to believe, as a constitutional scholar, he's taking the path to prevent his advancements from being overturned the next time some rich corrupt idiot surrounded by evil hench-creatures gets to ride the big chair ---

During the Vietnam military insanity, about halfway through the draft years, the Selective Service people stopped denying C.O. classification to people who claimed they were Conscientious Objectors, even if they were NOT Quakers or Seventh Day Adventists. The policy was to just say "OK," and offer alternative service.

The decision was made at the highest levels of the D o J NOT to deny or prosecute sometime after the first man said "But I'm a Christian -- you know -- 'Thou shalt not kill?' -- Christians? Jews?"

The reason?

If it went to the supreme court and they held the very likely conclusion that C.O. Status should be available to anyone because of personal conscience, regardless of their religious affiliation, then that was that. The issue then was ALSO that a military draft was involuntary servitude.

So they kept it on the level of Selective Service Policy rather than constitutional law.

Conversely, I am hoping that by forcing these odious rulings to be taken all the way to the top, Obama and Holder are going for a decision to overturn those laws as unconstitutional without having to fight it out with idiots, assholes, and morons in congress.

(Same -- we can only hope -- that the evidence of war crimes ordered and/or committed by Cheney, Feith, Libby, Runsfeld, et al will force AG Holder, by order of International Treaty, to investigate and prosecute, all the while saying "Well, gee whiz, guys, we really wanted to let bygones be bygones, but the English and the Germans are saying 'No Jah, No.' ")

Well, it could happen.


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