ALL the bedbugs are coming out...

We're sure seeing a lot of them these days -- and I think the late William Burroughs saw it for what it was back in 1968, writing about the Democratic Presidential Convention for Esquire, specifically the televised time when the police ran amok beating demonstrators, the event that was characterized as "a police riot," Burroughs said it this way:

“And what is the phantom fuzz screaming from Chicago to Berlin,from Mexico City to Paris?

‘We are REAL REAL REAL!!! as this NIGHTSTICK!’ as they feel, in their dim animal way, that reality is slipping away from them…

the police might be screaming ‘We are REAL REAL REAL,’ but it’s the desperate cry of a dying ghost”

---And so we see Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney and the rest all blathering away on the media, trying not to acknowledge that it's over.

The time of the vicious white boys is past, and it seems to me they're terrified that the next wave might be as vicious as they were.

Holocaust deniers, racists, anti-Communists, et al -- this is what their lives were all about and now their worst fears are realized -- no one cares about the things that scare them, no one cares what they believe, no one is opposing them.

And here comes another bedbug creeping out from under the covers -- like Cheney and Rush and Newt -- just one more pathetic old fart trying to be relevant:


White supremacist James W Von Brunn opens fire at Holocaust museum

An 88-year-old white supremacist and Holocaust denier opened fire in Washington’s Holocaust Museum today, killing a security guard before being shot in the head.

James W von Brunn, who was convicted in 1983 for running towards the boardroom of Washington’s Federal Reserve building with a shotgun, entered the Holocaust Museum just before 1pm wearing a Confederate hat, and opened fire “indiscriminately” with a long rifle. Witnesses said that he had parked his red car directly outside, displaying a disabled badge...

...He is clearly a Holocaust denier ... Von Brunn bemoans that “Jews control all important sources of information”, and claims that there is a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white gene pool. He also wrote: “America is a Third-World racial garbage-dump – stupid, ignorant, dead broke, and terminal. Whites LOVE their Enemies. Prepare to die, Whitey.” One of heroes he cites is World War II Real Admiral John Crommelin, a notorious anti-Semite who later ran for governor of Alabama.

In 1981, von Brunn entered the Federal Reserve in Washington with a shotgun to make a citizens arrest, he later said, to protest about high interest rates. He was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

On his website, he claims he was convicted by a “Negro jury, Jew /Negro attorneys, and sentenced to prison for eleven years by a Jew judge. A Jew/Negro/White Court of Appeals denied his appeal.”



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