Not racism? Cut me a break...

Oh but it's not BECAUSE he's black that we want to throw crap at anything Obama wants or says, drive him out of Washington humiliated and broken, tarred and feathered.

It's not because he's black.
It's only coincidental that we're all white.

Come on.

Baseball fans did it to Hank Greenberg
and did it to Jackie Robinson
But they wouldn't have a problem with a black man being Commander-in-Chief.

Get real.

You think the insane foam-flecked ravings against Obama are NOT melanin-based?

So you say: "Hmm why are they doing that?" And wonder: "Is there possibly some truth in what they're yelling at the top of their lungs?
Maybe he DOES want to kill my granny. After all, he's not even an American. 
You know, THOSE guys are always shifty and ... politicians, not Negroes. Politicians.
You lefty America-haters always try to paint us like a bunch of red-faced rubes screaming like a lynch mob. It's YOU who are prejudiced. YOU."

Right.   But just for laughs, try this:
Next time Mitch McConnell and Boner and the rest stand up there the way they do, like some sort of small-town-in-the-south jury, Klansmen in civvies, really look at them:

They've got everything but the hoods and the rope.

And those are the ones who sometimes don't pant and drool and stab their desks with hunting knives.

We may have come a long way, 
but we still got a mighty long way to go.


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