Cheney attacks Bush

OK, Tom in Houston -- you've been right all along -- the ONLY decision to make in choosing one candidate over another is which one provides the most entertainment value.

Dick Cheney is criticizing Bush.


The bloodsucking tick is telling us how the dog finally scratched him off.

The vampire is whining that his victim didn't taste good -- too much broccoli.

The thief is suing the store because he tripped and fell under the weight of the swag he was stealing.

Or the traditional definition of chutzpah: The man who kills both his parents and then pleads for mercy because he's an orphan.

(Or the more modern definition -- Sirhan Sirhan coming up before the parole board and pleading: "But Bobby Kennedy would want you to grant me this." Oh what a fucking terrible coincidence that RFK is dead.)

Hey Dick -- you were the fucking VICE President. The only duties you had were:
--- Hide from daylight
--- Break tie votes in the Senate
--- Plunder the treasury for billions to make payoffs to your pals

And now you're complaining?


I have always loved what they used to call sick humor,
but this is a seriously warped joke.

Go fuck yourself.



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