The bizarre, but reliable attack on anything involving new ideas as "Attempted Power Grab."

So now the "wasted time" expended on trying to make certain those 50,000 people who die each year from lack of access to health care is, once again (Keerist, don't they ever change their act?)  -- "An attempted power grab."

Which of course means
 "We have the power.
  We've had it for a long time. 
  We absolutely refuse to share it with anyone not on our profit-motivated team.
  Anyone who is NOT on our team and who wants some of it is a subversive anarchistic communistic fascist monster."

So the bought and sold senators and congressmen are -- unbelievably -- resurrecting racist cartoon images from the 30's -- the evil darkies in the executive branch who want to ooga-booga throw you in the cannibal pot and 'eat em up yum-yum.'

AND bringing up the specter of evil women who scare the little boys in suits as much as their mommies did. (Oh no -- I LOVE YOU Mommy -- it's Nancy Pelosi I hate. And Michelle Obama. And...")

AND warning of the hideous prospect of homosexuals TEACHING your little boys and girls to get horny over people with the same physical equipment, thereby negating the possibility that gay people's marriages could be based on something personal, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and/or any actual values other than horniness. 

(That last one, featuring life and/or death criminal sentences for gay people is being Beta-tested in Uganda - bastion of democracy and REAL cannibalism -- oh have we forgotten Idi Amin Dada so soon?)

And each day we find out how more and more of those pointing fingers in the above-mentioned manner,  who are opposed (in this instance) to allowing THEM to have regular doctors and medication, those people are the proponents of an amazingly perverted version of Jesus, held as sacred truth by THE FAMILY, that his "secret inner teaching" was that the people who HAVE power and wealth SHOULD have wealth and power, because, it comes directly from God so who are YOU to question it (except when THOSE OTHERS get power, that it must be illegitimate and stolen because God couldn't have wanted the likes of Barack Obama to have some since insisting on medical care is to commit blasphemy and deny the Holy Spirit, because it's saying that God can't heal you with divine power.

The fact that aside from the loathesome Charles Grassley (a man who, in all likelihood has NEVER been able to get a date), most of the other devotees of the Family's secret inner no-one-knows-but-us teachings of Jesus seem to be doing a lot of extra-marital porking, usually of people on their government payroll (i.e., using taxpayers' money), but when THEY do it, that's ok.

Because they forgive themselves.

AND in the chaotic rough and tumble of the shifting social, political, economic order, these folk have solved the problem of "Who should we hate/blame for all this turbulence?"

People of color?

Their simple answer -- ALL OF THEM.

The gorge rises.



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