Pat Robertson is vicious, petty, soulless creep...

Here he comes again with his same old creepy vindictive story:

"The people of Haiti DESERVE to suffer -- they are cursed by God because they made a pact with the Devil in order to be free of France..."

Maybe some missionary could take the time and abuse, and convert him to Christianity, a religion that features compassion in its mission statement.

He's pretty fucking self-righteous for a man who, as a Marine, called his daddy the senator, from Japan, to PUHLEEESE get him out of going to Korea...

He got what he wanted.

The Deal?

Spend his enlistment providing booze and whores for officers...

Which makes it a lot more likely, given those duties, that HE made a pact with the devil to stay out of combat while the rest of his battalion went into that swirling frozen toilet of death...

You think?

Because every time I hear that whining craven voice I think of some obsequious minor demon whispering and tempting, working shit jobs for Satan, aggrandizing and amusing himself when off-duty by spitting venom ...

What comes to mind is the name Tolkien gave to his creepy craven whisperer --  "Wormtongue"

Hmm .. maybe we could ask him if it's true that the devil fucks his minions in the ass for HIS amusement.

He would know.


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