Abraham Foxman -- does more harm than good

The most recent fecal fling from Mr Foxman came the other day:

"... the Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman yesterday formally condemned Gen. David Petraeus for warning that Israel's conflict with the Palestinians increases anti-American hatred and endangers American troops due to a "perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel." Foxman attacked Petraeus' remarks as "dangerous and counterproductive" -- and, indeed, they are: "dangerous and counterproductive," that is, for those (like Foxman and the neocon Right) who want the U.S. to blindly support Israeli actions even when doing so directly harms American interests."

So ok, let's deal with all the crap Foxman and his idiot pals will fling at the likes of me:

I am NOT a self-hating Jew.

I am NOT an enemy of Israel, in fact my criticisms of actions done by Israeli officials -- Netanyahu, et al --are prompted by seeing those self-serving actions making things WORSE and MORE DANGEROUS for Israel.

So we get to Foxman, who stands among the ranks of demagogues like Pat Robertson and Father Coughlan, each of them a man who acts as if he is the sole proprietor of his particular religion, in Foxman's case, Judaism, playing the role of SuperJew, defender of all Jews everywhere. Even the ones who didn't ask for his dubious help.


Abraham Foxman has been doing reactionary shrieing so often and for so l0ng and for incredibly petty things, he has devalued the concept of anti-Semitism (and it looks to me as if it is for his own aggrandizement) and he has overused it to the point where the phrase and concept are meaningless, and therefore no longer useful or effective. He's become the Jewish Dick Cheney, blathering and crying wolf until he turns into a bad and stupid joke.

(The Late Lord Buckley put it this way:
God says to someone not unlike Asshole Abe:

"You keep ringing that bell, you're gonna bend that bell."

So, little Abie -- why not try shutting up once in a while.


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