Afterthoughts on the HealthInsurance Reform Bill

Over a week ago or so, I told Miss Jane (who knows I watch World Series of Poker during insomniac sessions (but NEVER -- never again -- the one with the ineffably sleazy creature Gabe Kaplan has become) 
"It's like Texas Hold'em and the flop was a king, an ace, and two sevens -- and the Repugnicans go 'YEEE-HAH!!" and go ALL IN, and turn over their two Kings and snicker until Obama turns over his twin aces. 
And the last two cards were nothing much. 
And then those two cold-blooded animals -- John Boehner and Mitch McConnell turned green around their gills.

And all their wet dreams of big victory in November ended up mere sticky spots on the pajamas of the body politic.

And I say "YEEE-HAH!!

It's as someone recently wrote: "Schadenfreude is the new Prozac."*

(yee-hah)Trixie Dorais

* Credit due -- found the article -- the "someone" was Trixie Dorais in her Open blog -- great title even though I changed the meaning, since her posting was about celebrity angst and trauma (the Sandra Bullock - Jesse James kind.

Trixie Dorais - -Schadenfreude


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