Kee-rist! And they call ME cynical.

So -- it's the day after BP CEO Tony Hayward gives us the clumsiest, most obvious, most callous performance of what is politely called stonewalling (and more properly called "Fuck you -- we don't need no stinkin' badges,") since we watched John Mitchell and the Haldemann-Erlichmann Twin Sociopaths insist they had NO IDEA what those radical liberal commies were yammering about.

The Brit press is accusing the Senate Committee of neo-Spanish Inquisition tactics (oh, let's have the bloody Black & Tan Chorus have a Kumbaya moment with the old IRA Glee Club as they all join in and sing a few verses of Londonderry Air).

Hayward was replaced today (in function but not yet in title) by someone who can say with a little bit of credibility "I don't know-- I wasn't in this job  at that time."

AND -- in the cynical cherry on top of the oil-spill sundae -- BP has begun running a commercial using a black man with a gulf-state accent to tell us all how heart-felt sick and concerned BP is about the poor poor (small) people around the gulf.

"Hi -- I'm Darryl Willis and as you can see, since the camera is holding my face full-frame for this entire commercial,  I am an actual black man who talks with the local accent and that's supposed to make you realize that the Brits are without any racial attitude or bias, and we love all you small people and are offering you a phone number to call so we can tell you HOW to apply for compensation -- because we REALLY do not want an independent outfit with a bunch of Jews who support Israel handling the loot."

And that's the most cynical use of a "See, we got one of THEM -- we're not ALL clueless white boys -- we got some clueless black boys too" since Clarence Thomas was the scowling black-face House N----r for the all white Reagan Justice Dept.

Perhaps this fellow will also get the same kind of a cushy payoff job when this is all over, and when asked his qualifications for the position will have a scripted answer to shame the questioners -- as Uncle Thomas did when asked what qualified him for a LIFETIME appointment -- "THIS IS A HIGH-TECH LYNCHING." (And none of the white guys had the clarity or cojones to say "First of all, Judge Thomas -- this is a job interview and second, you wouldn't have even been nominated if you weren't a Reagan-Bush token black African. So answer the fucking questions or walk away.")

And they call ME cynical.

These guys make the above-mentioned Nixon crew look like the 12 Apostles.


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