Newt Gingrich an "Intellectual?" Brilliant? Tells us more about the lack of intelligence of those saying it.

He was NEVER an actual intellectual.
Oh yeah, way back then --- all the way back then, he knew enough to name-drop Alvin Toffler and such.
Confident that those he was addressing might have heard the name.

Either not knowing or not caring that people who had actually READ Future Shock or The Third Wave knew he was both misquoting and not understanding what Toffler wrote.
Pretty much concluded he never read the books at all but only read excerpts from reviews.

So when people who are committed to praising him because -- most likely -- they were involved in one or more of his cash-raising scams, it tells us more about what they saw when he put up his tatterdemalion version of glamour * than what he actually is or was.

Begone, low-rent demon -- there are better villains waiting in the wings.


* Glamour originally was a magical-occult spell cast on somebody to make them believe that something or somebody was attractive.


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