As Robert Gover said in one of his books: "They were less than human -- they were yahoos."

And now we know, in the Israeli-Palestinian continuing detente, which side is the one that really refuses to recognize the other's right to live.

Obvious from Bibi's arrogant rude insulting dressing down of Obama as some dumb schvatza who needed to be told what it's like to be surrounded by people who doubt your right to existence (as if he didn't know that reality at least as well as you -- ahh, if only African-Americans had a huge army and nuclear weapons to use when the Klan rode down...), whose INTENTIONAL misunderstanding of the statement that both sides should start from the 1967 borders and change things from there, pretending Obama was saying "Go back to the 1967 borders."

Obvious from statements he made years and years ago and still does -- Netanyahu never wanted to Palestinians to be part of Israel -- they might be able to -- oh horror!!! -- vote!

And he never wanted them to be allowed to have their own country, or the right of those driven out in 1948 to come back.

I have said it before and been misunderstood (whether intentionally or not):

Of course the Jews have a right to live where they are and call it Israel, altho "a Jewish state" --  one totally based on religion (i.e., the Vatican) is pretty much repugnant to me -- and I am a Jew -- but -- and I still mean it -- Netanyahu himself has done EVERYTHING possible in both his administrations, to make the world forget the Holocaust and look at Israel and Jews (as if all Jews supported the political organization and actions of Israel) as usurping monsters not unlike the second coming of the Third Reich --- power-mad, land-grabbing treaty- and promise- breaking scum. What's the old perception -- becoming the thing you feared?

SO -- all I can say is, yes, I want Israel to survive, but Bibi Netanyahu?

You arrogant piece of shit -- I may support Israel, but that's OUR president you publicly tried to humiliate (a lesser man wouldn't have sat there and risen above it as Obama did.)

So fuck you, Bibi, and the paranoid wave of terrorist ethics you rode in on.

The rumors that Ariel Sharon's regret for years of murder and oppression against Palestinians moving him to seek fair and reasonable accord was what got him put into a coma at the hands of your cohorts -- those rumors, seeing your rude, stupid, and ultimately self-defeating intransigence -- those rumors start to take on a bit more credence.

You're just a bit more publicly polite than Meier Kahane * was, but no less vicious and odious. Same political policies.

Better you don't come back to get applause from the Christian Fundamentalists in congress until you learn some manners.

* And yes, I admit I betrayed my Buddhistic aspirations shamefully by cheering, when I heard the news that he'd been gunned down on the street in New York, EXACTLY the same way he'd advocated for Palestinians to be taken out.


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