Pope Benny the Dick canonized his old boss?

Waaay ahead of the usual wait-time (50 years)

OK, say I'm a sacreligious shit, but this brings up overwhelmingly clear resonances of Jerry Ford granting a pardon to the guy who gave HIM the job, the pardon being (maybe) part of the deal.

(After all, Gerry was a biggie on the Warren Commission, and even Arlen Spectre admitted he only offered the "single bullet theory" as a sort of a joke, a "it would have had to happen THIS way," and he never expected anyone would take it seriously. And Richard Nixon WAS in Dallas that hideous day, giving a virulently anti-JFK speech in the morning. Newspaper first editions, pre-murder, reported it.)

John Paul II was an extraordinary man, but the biggest miracle of his papacy might just be how he made all that priestly pederasty just sort of disappear.

But then, whether it's hammering dogma down into their brains, or forcing priest's weenies up their poopie holes, one form or another of child-rape seems to be traditional in the Holy Roman Church.

*To be fair, apparently, when the Pope was still Cardinal Ratburger, he repeatedly tried to get John Paul II to pay attention to the epidemic of child-rape by Roman Catholic priests, but John Paul declined attention, because publicity could harm the Church. Cardinal Ratburger, as  Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (aka The Inquisition), he held that -- regardless of contemporary adverse publicity -- it was morally, spiritually, and legally imperative to stop the crimes and punish the criminals and that made it -- in the long run -- good for the church.

ADDENDUM -- 5-25-11 -- The implication above is that John Paul II was doing a shameful coverup --- not actually the situation, even though he DID refuse to open a public campaign against priestly baby rape -- 
Now the Vatican has decided that the reason their priests have been raping children all these years is -- NOT pederastic perversion, NOT homosexuality (only reason the overwhelming number of kids getting raped are boys, they say, is because of availability, since they seem to believe gay men are pederasts) NOT enforced celibacy, NOT prohibition of marriage ... BUT  (as they say in the military: "Wait for it" ...  

The permissiveness of the 60's ... that's right, the hippies and the liberals...

(as if priest's willies hadn't been finding their way into children's private painful parts before that) -- and Ratburger's intent of exposing the baby buggers? He DESPISED the increased tolerance of Vatican II which, he thought, was contributing to dope, sex and rock and roll. The reason John Paul II  resisted the rantings of the Inquisition's Prefect was that he knew that Vatican II was essential to the survival of the Church and that Ratburger was fanatical on that issue.  Of course, since he changed his name to Benny, he's systematically undermined the elements of Vatican II, and the number of people identifying themselves as church-going Roman Catholics has been doing a mild nose-dive.

(Hmmm -- Vatican II -- Pope John Paul II -- family relation? Just a bad joke -- Of course, John Paul's mom and dad weren't Mr and Mrs II -- they all work under assumed names.)


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